Our past, present, and future, are all around us. Our District is blessed with the historic Missions, which gave birth to San Antonio. Our children can look to their professional future inspired by opportunities provided by diverse resources such as Texas A&M University San Antonio, and Brooks City Base. All around us are neighborhoods we are proud of. Let's work together to continue to strengthen our home.  Together, we are District 3.





Unifying all our neighborhoods are the streets and sidewalks we use every day. I have plans to improve our daily infrastructure, to provide safe streets, to provide walkable routes, and to strengthen our drainage systems. I have a plan to increase our complete streets, and to support multiple options of transportation. Let’s keep our communities connected. I’ll be your voice in D3 for the 2022 bond.


Our neighborhoods are the backbone of our District. I will work to help keep our homes affordable, and keep families in their homes. Let’s ensure everyone is educated on the Tax Appraisal process, their protest options, and how to apply for city help.



I support our first responders. We need to keep improving our response time to emergencies from EMS, Fire, and Police. We need to coordinate with the SAPD and neighborhood leaders to address crime hotspots, and appropriately hold unethical public servants accountable. We will work to gain a new District 3 substation.

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Education is to be bolstered at all 3 levels: supporting early childhood education, keeping our students prepared with Back to School events, and providing a pathway to higher education. We will continue to look for innovative ways to close gaps of learning.



We need jobs, and more than that we need opportunity. By combining skills training and attracting more business to San Antonio and D3, we will get there. We will use creative urban planning strategies to foster more opportunities to make, save, and spend money here in District 3. We will smartly use public investment to support an economy that circulates prosperity here, and attracts more investment here. We will work to get small businesses needed COVID relief from the city.

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Our seniors have given rise to the history that is District 3.  Our community was built on their vision and hard work.  Let's honor the contributions they have made by learning from their experiences.  I will reach out to our seniors and have conversations with them about their concerns, ideas and needs.  Let's have essential dialogues to ensure we are providing the network of resources they need to stay safe and well.